7 Reasons for a cold brew coffee

Sure we’re a fan of latte art too! But the warmer weather calls for cold brew.

Here are 7 health reasons to choose cold brew for your caffeine kick:

  1. No – o – tropic Due to more than two times the amount of caffeine than regular brew, you can enhance your memory and other cognitive functions.
  2. Cravings are kept in check More caffeine = easier craving control
  3. Burn baby burn More caffeine = more calorie burn 🔥
  4. Work it out A cold brew pre-workout can minimize muscle pain.
  5. Pre-nap drink You read that right! Caffeine works best one hour postconsumption. So strategize and drink before your nap to optimize your energy levels when you wake up.  Actually the best time to have caffeine is either 10-noon or 2-5 PM.
  6. Gentle on your stomach Cold brew is a slowed down version of hot coffee, resulting in less acidic, but highly caffeinated coffee.  The low and slow process steeps coffee grounds with room temperature water for 6-20 hours.
  7. Sweet Less tannins = less bite — so you don’t need so much creamer and sweeteners.

Why not chill hot coffee in the fridge?

Not the same.

As hot coffee cools, acids develop leading to a harsh taste. So you’d still need a good amount of dairy and/or sugar to battle those aggressive acids. 

Chameleon Cold Brew coffee is a rightfully popular choice! Stock any or all ready to drink five flavors in your fridge today!
Cold brew takes hours to make, but just 7 seconds to grab and enjoy during this warm weather!

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