A Way to Cope

We all scream for ice cream!

Or rather we scream when seeing our waistlines suffer from this month of ice cream. It’s hard to resist when this instagrammable frozen dessert hits our screens to suggest it’s the best way to relieve summer’s heat. What isn’t shown are the 20-30 grams of sugar and the 10-20 grams of fat.

In need of a healthy moment? 

Dig your spoon into some yogurt instead. Varieties can range by flavor, dairy base, and gut-good bacteria (probiotic) amount.
Sweet with a side of tangy, a creamy yogurt can satisfy your craving for sugar in the summer.

Greek yogurt is a probiotic protein powerhouse! Your stomach will be healthy from the happy bacteria and full longer from the protein. Having a healthy belly can give you a positive mood, optimal energy levels, and better sleep.

If you don’t agree with the dairy, Good Karma and Forager Project have plant-based products.

Made with flaxmilk, Good Karma yogurt stands out among the rest with its added benefits of 800 mg of Omega-3. This is an essential building block our bodies can’t make on its own.

While almonds dominate the refrigerated aisle, try something new! The Forager Project brings cashewgurt to the arena providing the same health benefits, just with a creamier nut!

Instagram ready your yogurt!

Just like getting toppings for your ice cream cone/parfait/banana split. . . experiment with your fixings for the yogurt. Pimp out your yogurt with granola. Or eat it on a slice of toast. Blend the yogurt with a smoothie.

How will you stay healthy this summer?

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