Flatten your belly using an ancient drink

Are you affected with stress, inflammation, no sleep, and a week immune system?

Are 100 sit ups a day not ridding you of your belly?

Well, kombucha should be your drink of choice. Kombucha will restore your body’s balance, and in turn, your gut will happily start to shrink.  Studies show stress and inflammation underlie a bloated belly.  Thirst-quenching kombucha gets you a daily dose of beneficial bacteria. This leads to healthy digestion, meaning less bloat (and even weight loss!). Yes, kombucha is undoubtedly healthier than soda.

Kombucha is made by the fermentation of tea and sugar.

SCOBY: Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and a Yeast

Most kombucha cultures have the cousins of probiotic bacteria used in yogurt.

Don’t worry about the sugar used to make kombucha. Little remains because it’s eaten up by bacteria during fermentation.

The concoctions we like sipping on are from Valley Isle Kombucha.

Packed with billions of probiotics for your tummy and refreshing flavorsfor your tastebuds!

Steer clear of additives: dyes, sweetened fruit purses, and synthetic flavors. Quality kombucha is made from pure or cold pressed ingredients.

While there seems to be a new way to get your gut healthy probiotics, we prefer the tried and true. . . Kombucha!

Stay tuned for more tropical treats for your health!

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