Know nothing about Noni?

The age of Noni juice is 2000 years old in Polynesian culture, but the drink is known to slow aging with its bountiful vitamin C and selenium. Vitamin C brightens skin and selenium preserves skin elasticity.

Beauty benefits from an ugly fruit

More bonuses for Noni:

  • Noni puts in the mood. 😆 Actually, Noni has GABA receptor activity which results n Noni’s anti-anxiety and anti-depressant qualities.
  • Noni defends against cancer according to numerous studies.
  • Noni cools down inflammation: Noni juice can be an alternative to NSAIDs (example, Ibuprofen) by selectively stopping enzymes responsible for inflammation. So your stomach won’t be irritated in the process of fighting inflammation.
  • Noni can reduce pain: Noni has shown similar activity to that of the dangerous medication, morphine
  • Noni is a heart protector: Recently, Noni has shown cardiovascular benefits by preventing the hardening of blood vessels.

So now you know about Noni, but I bet you’re wondering if you need to eat that ugly fruit to reap these health bonuses! Luckily, Noni is available in a juice form and our favorite is by Hawaiian Ola. Their shots of Noni juice is packed with energy and nutrition. While the shots taste delicious straight up, you can creatively incorporate them into your smoothie. We found out freezing the Noni into cubes and adding them to a glass of vodka or tequila is sneaky way to add health to a cocktail.

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