How Sambazon is making energy drinks healthier

Açaí is a Brazilian berry not new to the superfood scene.

Here’s why people love açaí:

  • Açaí is loaded with fiber (keep things moving 😉)
  • Açaí can promote weight loss by decreasing fat deposits.
  • Açaí has about 10 tines the antioxidants than blueberries and grapes! Antioxidants keep the heart and skin healthy.

Açaí is a superhero<< e to the berry's popularity, conditions of indigenous people in the Brazilian rainforests where açaí is harvested have improved. One company is making sure this purple berry stays sustainable. S A M B A Z O N<<< es energy drinks using the açaí berry. All three have a super tasty berry-cocoa flavor. Yerba mate and gustaba supply the energy and can heighten awareness. Yet, we found Sambazon energy drinks achieve these results without the excess bitterness associated with Red Bull and other energy drinks. Although. . .Açaí and vodka makes a delicious combo<<< bowls the only way to get creative with this berry? Sambazon is a great resource for drink recipes!


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