Cut the carbs with this snack!

Designed by Health Nibbles

We did too 😅

Our holidays were filled with too many cookies, pie, chocolate, egg nog — you get the idea.

Time to jumpstart our healthy habits!

Jump to healthOne of the easiest ways to shed or keep the pounds off is to decrease carb intake.

EPIC Provisions makes these savory pork rind snacks perfect for getting back to the grind after the holidays!

We like to pair our EPIC pork rinds with

Sambazon Epic combo EPIC pork rinds boast today’s buzz words

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • No antibiotics
  • Open pastured
  • Grass fed
  • Simple seasonings
  • Uhhhhh. . . EPIC

Still celebrating the holidays? Well EPIC pork rinds are a hit for parties because the flavors go well with beer and other beverages.

Plan for EPIC pork rinds during your next football party!

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