Build muscle with cake

Muscle is a piece of cake

Bored of protein shakes for your workout? We say eat cake instead!

Carve protein cakes are perfect to satisfy your tastebuds and supplement your fitness goals.

Studies recommend eating protein a couple of hours before your workout or right after. Your body will benefit from the energy boost and your muscles will be prepped to grow and recover. 💪

Muscle and staminaCarve protein cakes are hand made, pre-portioned, protein packed, packaged cakes that can easily be thrown into your gym bag.

Tired of dry protein powders, bring on the moist cakes!Carve protein cakes have no powdery taste because of its base made of organic pumpkin or organic sweet potato. These are definitely one of a kind!

Craving something sweet?

Carve protein cakes surprisingly have only 2 grams of sugar, among its other clean ingredients. There are three flavors:

Three tasty flavors!The Chocolate Fudge + Coconut had a tropical flavor.

  • The Chocolate + Quinoa cake was like a Kit-Kat on steroids!
  • Our favorite is the PB + Chia. Mmmmmm, worth every bite!

Carve protein cakes are an excellent alternative to fill up rather than the unreliable fuel found in junk food.

Bring these cakes to work, school, or even a football party to skip a growling stomach!

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