7 ways to tackle a healthy game day

Game day goals

Finding it hard to kick your unhealthy eating habits goodbye during football season?

You’ve been working hard on your healthy resolution haven’t you?

You got this!

Here’s seven hacks for your game day party!

1. Chips

Lays and Doritos hog up commercial time causing many to pig out on their greasy chips.

Tired of the typical chip, we’ve been nibbling on Deep River Kettle Cooked Chips. Not only does Deep River commit to a non-GMO, no fuss ingredient list, Deep River regularly donates part of their profits to charities.

2. Dip

Sabra hummus pretzel single serve dips can replace that spinach and artichoke dip loaded with heavy calories. Plus, these prepacked combos can easily be stacked along the party table for a quick set up. No prep means more time to party!

No prepping needed!

These come in 3 flavors to satisfy your guests’ tastes:

  • Red pepper
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Original classic

3. Pickles

Oh Snap, pickle jars are hard to open

For an alternative to a potato chip crunch–

Oh Snap Pickles are available in various flavors, conveniently packaged in easy open bags, use non-GMO cukes, vegan, and gluten-free! Ohhhhh Snap!

Want to go the extra mile? Oh Snap Pickles offers bags of pre-sliced pickles perfect for making “Loaded Pickle Chips”

4. Fried food

goes hand in hand with football. Onion rings are reportedly Tom Brady’s favorite food. Skip the grease and try Dang’s onion chips. This natural alternative boasts a clean label. Using real onions, vacuum frying results in a fluffy onion chip minus the oil.

5. Pizza

is a classic combo with watching the game. Health conscious football fans will enjoy Real Good Foods pizza.

Paleo friendly pizza

Pop this pizza in the oven and you have a low carb, but high protein dish for guests.

Low carb pizza? How?!?!

Real Good Foods pizza‘s crust is made of cheese and chicken breast, which amps up the protein content. The 5″ personal pizza sizes come in 3 mouthwatering flavors!

6. French fries

Snikiddy fries, may be baked, but they crunch! We like to sprinkle turkey bacon, shredded cheese, and jalapeƱos on top of a bowl of Snikiddy fries for game day.

7. Alcohol

Game day or not, alcohol is a fun addition to any party. All the salty food needs to be washed down with something refreshing. But if your avoiding the empty carbs of beer, we suggest going Brazilian with these.

Alone or mixed into a cocktail, these drinks will quench your thirst and keep you powered up for the football party!

Tackle that thirst

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