Can a purple potato make you pretty?

Purple is the new pretty

Recent beauty articles report a purple berry from Japan that is excellent for skincare.

Another gift from Mother Earth that helps us human beings keep beautiful, is the Japanese taro root.

Mother Earth for healthy skin

Because of its high content of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, taro is referred to “nature’s fountain of youth”.

How else can taro make me look good?

Staying active can keep you at a healthy weight and with its low glycemic index, taro can be consumed for a low calorie, energy sustaining snack. Taro is also high in magnesium needed for muscle health.

More muscle benefits include less muscle cramping and improved muscle strength because taro provided almost 15% of the daily recommended value of potassium.

Keep toned with taro

Even tone that belly fat with the help of taro’s ample fiber to keep your digestive processes going.

Intelligence is sexy

Taro helps intelligence because of its vitamin B-1 which helps with focus, learning, and keeping stress at bay.

Pretty in purple

Taro can be a part of your slim eating plan because taro has 30% less fat than the usual potato. But being cousin to the potato, taro has a similar taste. We describe the taste to be more of a sweet vanilla or floral note.

So if you’re craving for crispy crunchy deliciousness, skip the potato chip and reach for those purple taro chips!

We favor the flavor of international brand, Terra chips. Elegantly packaged, you know you’re buying a product a step above the usual potato chip.

Want more than just taro? Terra chips offers other exotic vegetable blends such as candy striped beet, kabocha, and batata ( a Cuban sweet potato not to mixed up with the name of the Caribbean dance, bachata).

Fall in love with this purple potato!

Lavender lovely

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