A Better Antioxidant Drink Than Orange Juice

Juicy juice

Do a search on Google, and you’ll find numerous articles about the how antioxidants prevent heart disease and cancer.

We know this flu season you’re sipping on a lot of orange juice. But what if there’s a new way to get your vitamin C and other antioxidants?

So read on. . .

What’s better than oranges?

Main squeeze antioxidant beverages are what you should stock your fridge with if you’re tired of the orange juice.

These antioxidant beverages come in 3 flavors:

  • Pomegranate blueberry
  • Orange Mango
  • Strawberry watermelon

We are actually tired of orange juice and are particularly enjoying gulping the pomegranate blueberry and strawberry watermelon flavors.

Refreshing antioxidants!

In addition to vitamin C, Main Squeeze has polyphenols and chlorigenic acid to kick up the antioxidant power of this drink.

Two of our other favorite things that set Main Squeeze apart from OJ is the caffeine and coconut nectar.

We love our caffeine to keep our metabolism going and Main Squeeze has the right amount of the caffeine without causing unwanted bitterness despite drinking about 5 bottles of this drink a day😂.

Need this right now

And because Main Squeeze is sweetened with coconut nectar, the calorie content is less than half of OJ! We refreshed ourselves multiple times a day with Main Squeeze without worrying about all the calories.

Which Main Squeeze will you choose?

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