5 Sweet Ways to Satisfy the Cookie Monster in you

Nom nom

Cookie obsessions are real but is health nuts are reaching for cookies more often. There are millions of health conscious cookie recipes, but we don’t have time for that.

While we do miss that fresh baked smell, we find that today’s healthy alternatives don’t fall short in the taste department! We prefer cookies with recognizable ingredients, but also enriched with nutrition and fuel for the day.

Cookie champs

Here’s our 5 champions for protein-packed, sugar craving satisfying cookies:

1. Lenny and Larry

Dense, giant cookie that is worth every calorie. Clean eating for a trim waistline doesn’t have to be only salads and nuts. We love the double chocolate- The Complete Cookie.No time to bake

2. Rickaroons

These soft, chewy mounds of goodness are full of fiber, healthy fats, and clean protein. Sweetened with coconut palm nectar, this slow burning fuel will put the pep in your day without the sugar crash!

3. Nana’s Cookies

Are available from huge to small portions and all have a light, airy texture.

Grownup cookies

Flashback to childhood with their classic chocolate chip cookie. Unlike the traditional variety, Nana’s comes without the white sugar, unhealthy trans fats, and other signs of a highly processed food item.

4. Carve Protein Cookies

You’ll be surprised how hunger quenching this cookie, no matter how jam packed your day is! We especially recommend these those training to be an Olympian.

Train hard

5. Munk Pack cookies

The coconut macadamia flavor has us reminiscing of Hawaii. We nibble these as quick as a squirrel! Enjoying a warm cup of joe or tea with these cookies slows down our Cookie Monster tendencies 😬.

Remove the wrapper, looks fresh baked

Which cookie will help you champion through your health goals?

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