The Best of Iceland . . . Made in New York


In Iceland, that means “thank you”. And we would like to thank you for being patient during our absence while we were traveling in Iceland.

Vikings snack on protein

On of our fave snacks is yogurt. In Iceland, we discovered something better than yogurt called Skyr. Pronounced like “skier”.

Skyr energy

Our Nordic friends say Skyr is cheese but Americans label Skyr as yogurt — probably because Skyr and Greek yogurt have much in common.

However, Skyr has more protein and less sugar than Greek yogurt!

Icelandic Provisions makes delicious Skyr available in major stores now! While their Skyr is made in New York, the dairy comes from a co-op of about 600 dairy farms in Iceland.

All flavors are creamy and we prefer the bilberry and lingonberry ones. (We must have a preference for Scandinavian flavors)

Bilberries are cousins to blueberries and so have the antioxidant properties of their relatives.

Not the healthiest snack

We first tried lingonberries on a buttery pastry during a Sweden vacation last year. We are glad we can enjoy lingonberries in a healthier way and claim the omega 3 fatty acid lingonberries contain.

Iceland seems to be a popular travel destination these days because of the country’s friendly people, adventurous vistas, and out of the way flight. Skyr is another element bringing the attention to Iceland.

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