5 Reasons for Salmon

Scandi Salmon

Our recent Scandinavian travels were full of salmon choices. Versatile, filling, and omega-3 rich, this fish is popular in many diets.

Salmon in Finland

We don’t always have time to prepare this buttery fish for a light meal:

Smoked salmon after a bike ride through Norway

Or salmon as the main arena for a protein packed meal:

Salmon with frites

And how we do miss trekking through Scandinavian nature! Settling down to eat a hearty salmon centered meal to replenish ourselves for another hike was our routine.

Ice does melt in Iceland

Back here in the USA, we are reminiscing on satisfying our salmon nostalgia with salmon jerky. Because we don’t have 5-11 hours to make our own salmon jerky, we’re ecstatic to find two of our favorite snack brands make their own:

  1. EPIC‘s maple glazed and smoked tender salmon bites and 4 flavors from True North:
  2. Fireweed Honey
  3. Savory Sea Kelp and Sesame
  4. Wild Alaskan Spruce
  5. Salted Rhubarb and Raspberries

Salmon jerky from True North is packed with flavor, without an overwhelming fishy taste. Perhaps because these fresh tasting bites come in those unique flavors.

Did you check out the ingredient list?

For those five products, it’s pretty remarkable how each recipe highlights the quality of the fish. No cheap sugar and nitrates are used in the curing process. And all these low carb salmon products have at least 11 grams of protein without all the fat.

Where to hike this weekend?

It’s only the beginning of the week, but we’re planning on a couple of hikes because the spring sun has come! It’s difficult to decide on which salmon jerky to bring though. Perhaps we’ll just have to sample each flavor this week by incorporating the salmon bites into our lunches.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Use your salmon jerky to punch up your salad! Salmon is rich in Vitamin D and if you combine it with calcium rich dark, leafy greens, you have a balanced meal. This is because the vitamin D in salmon can help your body absorb the calcium from spinach and kale. Salmon jerky is more nutritious than bacon bits!

Salmon and calcium containing arugula

2. How about Mac and Cheese? Salmon jerky can put a nice tang to the dish!

3. Sprinkle some salmon jerky bits into your avocado toast and break that millennial monotony ๐Ÿ˜‚!

Whether a snack attack creeps up on you, or you’re preparing a day out to play in the warmer weather, try this high quality on-the-go nutrition!

Socks are the color of salmon jerky

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