Ikigai and KonMari. . . No it’s not sushi!

Balance is the key to health

Immersing ourselves in amazing Japan right now!

While everyone can have their expectations of Japan to include anime

Kawaii neh?


Love it raw

And even temples

Rewind and reflect

. . . We at HealthNibbles are focusing on KonMari and Ikigai. While these terms sound like the type of takeout one likes to splurge on, KonMari and Ikigai are two lifestyle concepts.

KonMari = minimalism

Ikigai = motivation

As you can tell from our blog, we strive to clean up our snacking act as part of a healthy lifestyle.

But what about the other parts of living?

Well, when we get back home, we are going to start our decluttering mission!

First step: Discard anything that doesn’t Spark Joy

Second step: Organize

Three questions we’ll ask during this process:

  1. Will I use it in the next 6 months?
  2. Do I like the item?
  3. Is the item attached to emotional baggage?

Minimally stylish decor

After our environment is simplified and stress free, our mindset will be ready to move onto the next step.


Ikigai is one’s motivation for getting out of bed (after hitting the snooze button a few times).

According to the book, Awakening your Ikigai, the first couple of hours after you wake is prime time to search for your Ikigai. So this can be done during your commute!

The book suggests:

  1. Start small. Find ways to better yourself each day.
  2. Accept who you are: Give yourself 3 compliments a day.
  3. Interact with others off-line
  4. Seek small joys
  5. Be here and now. For example, enjoy your lunch without distractions.


At HealthNibbles we encourage healthy snacking and a healthy mindset!

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