Magnesium for your mood

Depression is a well known problem affecting many today. However, the recent deaths of famous Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain was an unwelcome reminder that emotional despair can affect anybody.

There is an ongoing debate whether depression is caused by an imbalance of the individual versus the culture of our society. Perhaps it’s a bit of both?

You’re not alone

Millions today take antidepressants to restore the mind’s chemical balance. But an important mineral, magnesium, is linked to improvement of depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, leg cramps in pregnancy, migraines, and high blood pressure.

Low on magnesium?

You’re not alone!

Dietary data suggest that intake of magnesium is inadequate in a large percentage of the population. This can be due to health problems such as kidney disease or diabetes that can cause too much magnesium loss. Also, several medications used to treat high blood pressure can lower magnesium levels. Moreover, dietary patterns affect magnesium consumption.

While numerous studies display magnesium for a better mood, the mechanism behind it has not been decided. Possible reasons for magnesium’s protective effect against depression involve magnesium’s role in the stress response and how this mineral alters our gut environment.

Sometimes vegan

Great sources of magnesium include nuts, seeds, leafy greens, and whole grains.

Our favorite food for a dose of magnesium?


One for you and one for me

And it’s summer! So avocados are a satisfying low carb way to still fit in a bikini! There’s too many ways to eat avocados. Halve them open just like that and add toppings. Or slice up the cado over salad.

This would make an interesting guac

Recently, we discovered Kitchfix. Although based in Chicago, Kitchfix paleo waffles are available nationwide. We are big fans of avocado toast so a healthy replacement to our usual sourdough toast are these waffles. These chef crafted paleo waffles can easily pop into the toaster oven for a warm, crispy meal for not only breakfast but lunch or nighttime snack!

Berry good

Berries are another way to get a dose of magnesium so topping our waffles was a must.

Antioxidant awesome

Mmmmmm, magnesium rich and antioxidant awesome!

Current recommendations call for 320-420 mg of magnesium daily, but most adults only get 250mg daily. So start searching to incorporate magnesium rich foods into your eating plan today.

We hope you are enjoying the first days of summer!


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